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Greece is an amazing country to visit; it is a country that boasts World Heritage Sites and lush history and archaeological finds. A hot spot to visit when traveling through Greece is Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece and has a history going back 2,300 years. It features an honorific title of being a co-reigning capital during the Byzantine Empire alongside Constantinople. To visit this ancient city ripe with history be sure to look into applying for a US passport if you don’t already have a passport.


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King Cassander of Macedon founded Thessaloniki circa 315 B.C.E. He chose the name Thessaloniki in honor of his wife Thesslonike who happened to be the half sister of Alexander the Great and the princess of Macedon. This city became the most prominent city in Macedon. It eventually became an important trading city and later the capital of one of the four Roman districts of Macedonia.


Thessaloniki is host to numerous infamous archaeological sites. The great city features UNESCO World Heritage Sites as well as other prominent sites. These sites include Roman baths, theatres that hosted gladiatorial games, the great throne room and many more.


Thessaloniki was very important during the early Christian and byzantine eras; this has lead to numerous sites that serve as monuments to these periods. The city hosted the Complex of Roman emperor Galerius as well as the first church of Hagios Demetrios. The World Heritage Sites include the Hagia Sophia of Thessaloniki the Rotunda of Saint George, the Church of Acheiropoietos, and the Church of Panagia Chalkeon.


In 1430 the Ottoman Empire took control of the city, this lead to the conversion of the city’s churches to mosques. The sites survived however, and even survived the Great Thessaloniki Fire of 1917. During the Second World War Thessaloniki was bombed relentlessly. However, they have since been restored and to date Thessaloniki has the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites than any other city in Greece, including Athens. They have a total of 15 monuments.


In addition to the UNESCO World Heritage Sites and other archeologically sites in Thessaloniki there are many museums. The two renowned museums are the Archaeological Museum of Thessaloniki and Museum of Byzantine Culture. There are also museums featuring prehistoric antiquities of Thessaloniki and artifacts from the Neolithic to the Bronze Age. There is also the largest planetarium in Greece. There is also A war museum and sports museum as well as a photography museum.

Thessaloniki has a lot to offer. It is a city that boasts rich history and historical sites. It has a long history of antiquity, war, and triumph. For these reasons it’s a top spot to visit if ever in Greece. It will soon be a featured port for many cruise lines. For this reason you should start the process for applying for a US passport and taking care of any other passport needs that might be required. Step back in time with a trip to the city of the sea, Thessaloniki.

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