Vital Tips On Getting A US Passport Replacement

Passport Replacement

A passport is expected to be a form of identification issued by the government, which states the holder’s country of origin as well as other vital personal information of the bearer. You will need this vital document in order to travel overseas. However, many questions may arise as to how to go about getting a US passport replacement.

“How do you go about replacing it if the valuable document already issued is no longer within your reach? What are the acceptable reasons for your request to be valid?” These and many other similar questions will be answered in this article.

When One Is Needed

To start with, you can start thinking of replacing the travel document if it was issued to you before you attained the legal age of 16 years. You may also qualify for a replacement should it get lost, stolen or damaged. Other conditions that will qualify you to replace the document include a legal change of name and when the previous expedited USA passport issued to the bearer is more than 15 years old.

Report Lost/Stolen ID

In addition, it is also vital to bear in mind that a lost or stolen identity needs to be reported to the US Department of State before you start the processing. To report your lost document of identification, you will be required to complete a DS-64 form and submit it to the US State Department. You can obtain the form from a reputable Passport Agency that has been approved by the government. Now, let’s discuss how to go about replacing your passport.

DS-11 Form

To begin the replacement process, you may have to fill out another form, this time the DS-11 form. When filling out this form, make sure you write legibly in black ink. You may also be required to obtain evidence of a US citizenship – a photocopy or the actual document is allowed.

Therefore, you need to provide a previously issued undamaged identity document and any of a set of valid documents. You can provide a consular report of birth overseas or a birth certificate. If you can’t lay your hands on that, a citizenship or naturalization certificate can be a replacement.

Other Documents Needed

Moreover, you also need to obtain any of the following forms of identification previously issued to you: a valid driver’s license, current military ID or a government ID. You have to provide two identical photos that are 2 by 2 inches in size and are not more than 6 months old.  It must be a photo of you facing forward in normal street clothing against a white or off-white background.

Finally, when trying to process a US passport replacement, do not forget to provide all the required documents in the exact required forms. You will also need to bring your application, DS-11 form and other forms of identification, photos,  cash, check or credit card. You will need to provide all these to the approved agency in order to start processing your documents early. Then, sit back and await the success of your application. Good luck!  If you were wondering how to get a passport replacement, now you know!

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