Warsaw – The Necessary And Durable Town Of World War II


Warsaw is Poland’s largest city as well as it’s capital, and settlements have been in the area since the 9th and 10th centuries. This being said, Warsaw has quite an extensive history, and much of this history is still evident in the city today. Warsaw is famous for its resistance during World War II, and much of the city was destroyed then. Since that time, it’s undergone an almost miraculous recovery, and this has earned Warsaw an impressive reputation. If you are thinking of traveling to Warsaw on vacation, be sure to get your passport first. Services like expedited stolen U.S. passport replacement are available online.

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Lazienki Park

Lazienki Park is one of the most beautiful spots in the city, and it’s a great place to start your explorations. Full of gorgeous gardens, lakes and canals, and shady spots to relax, the Park also features some popular landmarks. One of these is the “Palace on the Water,” the neoclassical palace right in the middle of a lake. Other landmarks include Myslewicki Palace, the Little Whitehouse, the Temple of Diana, and the Roman amphitheater.

World War II

As talked about previously, Warsaw was active in World War II, especially because of their two uprisings. Almost a third of the people who lived in the city were Jewish, and it’s the persecution by the Nazis that sparked these uprisings. One of the best places in the city to visit is the Warsaw Uprising Museum, where you can experience the uprisings through the newspapers, documentaries, leaflets, and more displayed chronologically in masterful exhibits. The facts and numbers associated with the uprisings are unbelievable. While you’re there, head to the back and visit the Garden of Memories. Be sure to check out the huge wall with thousands of names of all the victims from the Warsaw Uprising.

Old Town

Stare Miasto, also known as Old Town, is an interesting historical area. Most of the buildings were completely demolished during World War II, but an ambitious reconstruction of all the Gothic-style buildings, curving cobblestone streets, baroque palaces, and traditional churches were all rebuilt. It’s a great place to just explore, as there are plenty of things worth checking out, such as the Barbican, the palace, St. John’s Cathedral, Zygmunt’s Column, and the colorful buildings.

Thriving City

Warsaw is a thriving city with a turbulent past that has transformed into the moving, interesting, and worthwhile place to visit it is today. Called the “phoenix city” for it’s amazing recovery after 80% of the buildings were destroyed in the war, it’s an prime spot for a vacation. Remember you can get your expedited stolen U.S. online passport replacements and more online. A passport name change for those who have just gotten married or divorced are also available.

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