Ways To Getting A U.S. Passport Name Change

passport name change

There are instances where an individual must alter their name on their existing passport. The most frequent of these is due to marriage, but there are the occasions where an individual has legally had their name changed by court order and must update their passport to reflect this. A U.S. passport name change is not that difficult to accomplish and can be done either by the individual or through a passport service provider.

Whichever way a name change is done, a few factors must stay consistent with the passport and the legal name change. The first thing an individual needs to do is show an original legal document that proves the name change was made and the date this transaction took place. Individuals can submit either an original or certified marriage certificate or legal court document that proves the change in black and white.

Many people do not like to send in original documents because they are afraid they may get lost or misplaced. This is the reason why certified copies are the more secure, comforting option. The court records office can provide minimally priced certified copies for their constituents who received a legal name change or marriage certification.

A passport name change necessitates sending in the DS-5504 document to the service provider or Department of State. This application is for people who have a valid U.S. passport in their possession, but need to make some changes. Individuals can look on the Internet, find the form and download it. The forms must then be completed in their entirety before they are sealed and mailed to the service provider.

As this is applying for a completely new passport, photos will be necessary to accompany the paperwork. These should be done by a professional that understands all the requirements for passport photos. The only other thing to remember is that there will need to be two of them and they must be identical.

Be sure to send the application and pictures using an overnight mail service, such as Fed Ex when mailing the application and old passbook pictures. The information on these documents is very sensitive and must be handled with caution when delivering it. These mail services will make it easier for individuals or passport service providers to track packages, if necessary.

While the government does not charge extra money for this service, it can take up to two months to complete. There is a rush service available for an additional $60.00, and this ‘rush service’ still takes a month to go through. Many private passport services can help speed this process along when they cut through all of the red tape for a modest charge.

The American expedited passport name change process is not too hard to take care of, regardless of which way it is processed. The individual needs to decide what time frame they can work with to get their pass port name. Cardholders that need an expedited response should choose private service providers to get the job done quickly and effectively.

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