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US Passport 123 is Authorized by the US Passport Agency to Expedite U.S. Passports

Post Office takes up to 8 weeks to process a US passport application.

Post Office does not give you day to day updates about your passport application.

Post Office will not help you correct mistakes with your passport application.

Post Office will not offer you free passport replacement with assurance program.

Post Office does not offer hand carry expedited passport currier service.

Post Office will not arrange same day passport delivery for you.

Post Office does not offer 24 hours us passport expediting service.

US Passport 123 will provide you with personal passport consultant.

US Passport 123 will provide you exceptional personal passport service.

US Passport 123 will expedite your US passport application in 24 hours.

US Passport 123 will expedite your US passport application same day.

US Passport 123 with its years of experience is a leading us passport expediting company.

US Passport 123 helps thousands of US citizens to expedite their passport applications.

30% of passport applications is suspended due to errors on application form.

Our competitors don’t have years of experience in passport expediting as we do.

Every US citizen needs a valid US passport to travel outside of US.

With our help us passport expediting application process is easy as 123!

Every year over 20 million US citizens apply for us passport book.

If you need your US passport book in hurry US Passport 123 it's your best choice.

Fortune 500 companies expedite us passport applications through US Passport 123.

US Passport 123 has helped tens of thousands of people attain expedited pasports.  In fact, since we began operation in 1994, we have actually serviced over 100,000 people!  This should help you rest easy knowing that when you need your passport quickly, your application is in the hands of professionals.  We are approved by the US Department of State to hand deliver pasport applications for our clients and we offer a range of deliver speeds for you to choose from.  So no matter what your needs are, we can help.  Our services range from providing new passports, replacement passports, and renewal of expired passports as well as the addition of extra pages to an existing one.

Why Choose US Passport 123

  • We offer every passport service that you need
  • We are dedicated to providing superior customer service
  • Fast and Safe, high security processing is guaranteed
  • We provide you with your own personal passport consultant

Pasport Applications within 24 hours

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When you are ready to begin, all you need to do is complete the application that we have online.  During this application process you will have the option to choose how soon you need your passport delivered to you.  There are several options to choose from ranging from “same day” to two weeks so pick the option that best suits your needs.  You will follow a 3-step process that we have outlined, and once you have submitted the forms you will be contacted by a passport consultant.  After they review your application for errors they will answer any questions that you have and let you know how you can track the progress of your application.  Keep in mind that a common misconception is that children do not need passports to travel internationally.  In reality, any child under the age of 16 needs one, even infants. 

If you have any questions while completing the online pasport application, please call 888-443-5847.